Museum Report: 2 September 2020

svcatitc at svcatitc at
Thu Sep 3 12:08:18 EDT 2020

Opened up around 1p.
Fairly busy day.
Had a  Mom and her 2 sons come in with one of the InfoAge B of D's as an escort.  (Don't know his name and whether it was a relative.)

Older son was very much interested in the micro section.   Mom took an interest as well.   InfoAge escort (Drexel grad) helped with the 
explanation of keypunch cards on the IBM 1130.  He explained how "spaces" in your program can screw everything up for the Program Admin.

Second Mom and her daughter came in with a nice interest in the tail end of the miro (8 bit) aisle.

All visitor traffic was dead by 3pm.
Added, from my collection,  a Rockwell 6809 uP to the processor display as requested by Dean N.

Bill Inderrieden

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