Putting the Federation in Vintage Computer Federation

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Fri Sep 4 17:55:48 EDT 2020

Putting the Federation in Vintage Computer Federation
Adam Michlin:  amichlin at swerlin.com wrote:
Sun Aug 30 18:03:18 EDT 2020

"And if you want to come to a workshop and work on something bigger, make a proposal. Bill Inderrieden, for example, has been doing meticulous and awe inspiring work in documenting  the Wang Minicomputer in the museum and hopefully getting it up and running."

Thank you Adam for the "shout out".   As long as we have now highlighted that subject, 
some updates are in order.

All the circuit cards have been sequentially pulled out of the respective 
card files and photographed.  The pictorial documentation is now complete.
Because there is no schematic documentation currently available, I now have to
make an assembly drawing of the card file chassis for each drawer in the rack.

I am taking a break from this project because it is "brain intensive" on organizing
the documentation.   Once the initial doc's are done, I plan on reaching out to  our 
contact on the West Coast who is familiar with Wang calculator equipment to get his 
overall view of things.

One diversion from this is getting back on the restoration of the EAI TR20, and it's peripherals.
But that is a whole 'nother story.

Thanks again Adam;
Bill Inderrieden

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