SOT: Any dBase fans here?

Jim Scheef js at
Sun Sep 6 18:21:30 EDT 2020

As I clean out my basement, I'm getting rid of some cool stuff. Before I try to give it away on eBay, I want to offer it here. 
Once upon a time (mid-80's), I developed a few applications in dBase III. For our own productivity we used a dBase clone called dbXL for coding and QuickSilver, a compiler, to make the resulting code run faster and easier to distribute. Conveniently, both products, produced by Wordtech Systems, use the same dBIII-compatible index files. QuickSilver produces an object file which requires a linker. So, I'm including my copy of P-Link86. So far this is the manual only; still looking for the media.
Both of these products are free (f.o.b. my driveway*) to a good home. Included are the manuals and several versions of media floppies for both products. 
As a bonus, this deal includes another dBase compiler called FORCE. I don't recall anything about it, but I do have both the manuals and media.
The manuals are typical of the era, loose-leaf and weigh several pounds so shipping would cost some actual money. Normally I would sell or give these away at VCF East. 
At this point, you know what to do if you are interested.
* my driveway is located in western CT north of Danbury.

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