[vcf-midatlantic] SOT: Any dBase fans here?

David Gesswein djg at pdp8online.com
Mon Sep 7 10:26:56 EDT 2020

I don't need the dBASE III stuff though thought I would reminisce some.
I did work in dbase II with Clipper compiler starting on our TI PC. The family 
raised show rabbits and I wrote programs in it for keeping track of rabbits
and printing pedigrees and running shows. We sold the programs to other rabbit
people. Used dBASE III a little at work. Purchasing was oriented to production
so engineering orders weren't tracked well. I used terminal emulator on a PC to
screen scrape the MIS system running on the VAX, KEDIT (IBM XEDIT like editor)
with REXX scripting language to reformat into files that could be read in
by dBASE and merge the information from the files to print a report with 
status of parts to go bug purchasing/receiving.

Did get KEDIT to run on the TIPC by editing the binary to adapt to the
slightly different video hardware on the TIPC.

I had the TIPC running this software at VCF 2016.

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> As I clean out my basement, I'm getting rid of some cool stuff. Before I try to give it away on eBay, I want to offer it here. 
> Once upon a time (mid-80's), I developed a few applications in dBase III. For our own productivity we used a dBase clone called dbXL for coding and QuickSilver, a compiler, to make the resulting code run faster and easier to distribute. Conveniently, both products, produced by Wordtech Systems, use the same dBIII-compatible index files. QuickSilver produces an object file which requires a linker. So, I'm including my copy of P-Link86. So far this is the manual only; still looking for the media.
> Both of these products are free (f.o.b. my driveway*) to a good home. Included are the manuals and several versions of media floppies for both products. 
> As a bonus, this deal includes another dBase compiler called FORCE. I don't recall anything about it, but I do have both the manuals and media.
> The manuals are typical of the era, loose-leaf and weigh several pounds so shipping would cost some actual money. Normally I would sell or give these away at VCF East. 
> At this point, you know what to do if you are interested.
> Jim
> * my driveway is located in western CT north of Danbury.

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