[vcf-midatlantic] Not quite so linked lists (of books)

Glenn Roberts glenn.f.roberts at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 20:31:14 EDT 2020

A few more from my collection:

"Fire in the Valley: The Making of the Personal Computer," Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine, Osborne/McGraw-Hill, Berkeley, CA, 1984 ISBN 0-88134-121-5

And a bit more obscure:

"Stan Veit's History of the Personal Computer: Fron Altair to IBM, A History of the PC Revolution," Stan Veit, Worldcom, Asheville, NC, 1993  ISBN 1-56664-023-7

Walt Isaacson's books are relevant too "Steve Jobs" and "The Innovators".  I found them difficult to get through though.  Long.  Not sure I ever actually finished reading either one.

- glenn

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> Hi Everyone,
> I'm embarking on a, hopefully fun, project to create lists of books for various
> vintage computer related projects.
> The first one is as broad as them come:
> What five books would you recommend to someone completely new to the
> hobby?
> Parameters:
> Let us assume the people are adults (children's books will be a separate
> discussion). Books can be currently published or vintage.. physical or digital...
> Let us also assume the readers have a basic understanding of how to use a
> standard (say Windows 10 or macOS) computer.
> If possible, please include why you think the book should be on the list. I'll be
> buying (the ones I do not own) the most (quantity and
> quality) recommended books, reading them, compiling my recommendation
> for the final list, posting it here for people to tear apart, and then ultimately
> posting it publicly in an appropriate space. Please post to the list so that other
> people can see your recommendations (and maybe even find a book they
> want to buy!).
> Oh, and feel free to recommend even just one book. The more information
> the merrier!
> Thanks!
>          -Adam

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