[vcf-midatlantic] Sussex hamfest and swapmeets

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Wed Sep 16 14:06:41 EDT 2020

> There's just not a lot of enticement for anyone else to go to them unless they are already interested in the topic.

Yes, exactly.

My job was to GROW the hobby and advocate to teach the public about 
computer history. Having a swap meet at the festivals would have done 
the opposite. Maybe you'd get a few more hardcore nerds attending, but 
at the expense of vastly more regular people. Consignment was the best 
compromise, and it was largely run by people like Kelly who knew how to 
organize it, and Corey who knew how to handle the $$$. I also added the 
Friday workshops (Ragooman's idea, R.I.P.) to keep the hardcore audience 
happy and raise more $$$. It worked pretty well, everyone would agree.

Anyone who STILL thinks I should've turned East into a swap meet is 
stuck in the 20th century and doesn't get the big picture of what we 
were trying to accomplish.

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