Museum Report: 9 September and 16 September 2020

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Thu Sep 17 19:42:14 EDT 2020

Checked in and opened up around 1p

Sept 9th

::   DEAD, only one older gent who had been to IA before and was considering volunteering at IA now retired.
  We exchanged pleasantries while discussing general computer topics.

Sept 16:

Two couples showed up around 1/2 hour between.   1st couple was younger, and only a medium interest.  
She seemed bored to tears, while he showed the most interest, which picked up when we got to the PS2 70.
He wanted to know more about the bootup process.

Older couple was an EXCELLENT audience, as they both had 40 years of programming experience.
The wife, in the very early years, talked to Bill Gates on the phone about a programming problem she had.
The husband, worked with Cray on an install in his early years.  Both live in North Jersey and will be back with
the grand kids.
They had smiles on their faces the whole time they were in the place, reminiscing.

Ray Chase stopped by to show me a military electro-mechanical computational device that had to do with pressure.
Talked with some of the guys that maintain the marine wireless association exhibit next to us.

Good day!

Bill Inderrieden

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