[vcf-midatlantic] Moving files from an old 68k-Mac to an emulator or other machine

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Thu Sep 17 23:46:19 EDT 2020

Rich Cini says: have an old System 7 or 8 Mac, it put files on a Mac 
format ZIP disk. Then run a recent-enough OSX (pre 10.15) Mac that can 
read the ZIP disk via a USB ZIP drive.

OK, got that. But I got lost when Rich said "use an emulator to get the 
files into the emulation environment".

Rich, were/are you trying to copy files onto some modern computer, to 
make use of them with modern software? Or ... copy files ... to *run* 
them under some emulation of say Mac System 7? Or, both?

People ask me about such things often enough. It would be good if I can 
tell them what they may be able to do. Most people won't want to run an 
emulator, they just want to migrate old files or at least archive it. I 
always warn them of the problem of old programs that make files, that 
new programs can't read (even if you "copy" them over to the new computer).

regards, Herb

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