Museum Report: 23 September and 24 September 2020

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Fri Sep 25 09:08:34 EDT 2020

Got in @ 1p.  DEAD!!  All Day!

However, a busy day. Ray Chase had visited the Delran Rescue to pickup RADAR stuff in anotherpod from

the CPU stuff.  Hegave us a iMac white pedestal unit with chrome gimbal mount for the display.

I am not familiar with Mac stuff so hopefully the braintrust on that equipment can decipher its historical


Jeff Brace asked me to go up to IA admin., to get somevintage ENIAC posters that were found.

Nice laminated stuff, and a blast from our past too.  Their header shows the M A R CH logo.

It would be nice to find a blank space on the wall for them.

I furthered my documentation of the Houston Instruments(Allen Datagraph) Omnigraphic 2000 plotter 

for the EAI TR20 display. Again I have not come up withprints on the thing, purchased or otherwise.

So the manual plod goes on. 

If anyone has prints on this model XY of recorder, it wouldbe appreciated to get a copy.

Thursday  Sept 24:

Our management has asked me to start going through ourcollection of slide rules, which needed to be started 

anyway for the museum display in the hallway.

I got through three boxes, initially to sort, as all thecollection boxes are a mish-mosh piles.

I found some JEWELS !!!

1. An Intel 808x / 27xx memory speed circular slide rulecalculator to determine proper speed selection

of the processor ROM compliment.


This is now on display in the processor exhibit.

2.  Dick Tracypersonal code maker


        The LawrenceSecret Code-Maker, also known as the Dick Tracy Code-Maker, 

        is a fullyfunctional hand-operated transposition cipher in the shape of a 

        linear woodenslide rule, sold from 1939 onwards as a children's toy by US 

        slide rulemanufacturer Lawrence Engineering Service in Peru (Illinois? ed). 

See also pix.  We haveall of this:

And instructions:

3.  The (probablytrade show hand out)  Hewlett Packard,Scope Division R L C reactance calculator.


Simiar to this:


This is also on display in the museum over top of the HPmini.


All in all a good two days.


Bill Inderrieden

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