[vcf-midatlantic] Museum Report 2020-09-26

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Sun Sep 27 14:33:16 EDT 2020

A very busy day! We started out with a scheduled cub scout group of 20
children and adults. We broke them up into two groups with one group
watching the model train museum down the hall and the other with me in the
VCF museum. High interest people with one kid who was a repeat visitor who
knew lots of things already was happy to see a Commodore 64 in action! He
was so happy to get a The Print Shop printout to take home! I couldn't give
one of those to everyone because it takes 6 minutes for each page. Instead
I gave them a papertape punch out with their name on it from the PDP-8.
They could type their name and the program would punch out the holes and it
was a great souvenir for them to take home. I started the tour with the
microchip section, but also showed them the difference between a vacuum
tube, transistor and microchip. Kids seem to really like King's Quest on
the PCjr. I have to sit down and figure out how to play that game. I get
stuck at a certain point. It was fun to ask them questions like: "Do you
know who Bill Gates is?", "Do you know who Steve Jobs is?", etc.

After the tour there were still about a dozen total people coming through
the museum with high interest. It was nice to have a busy day after a few
weeks of lackluster attendance.

I had to leave at 3PM, so Dennis and Dylan took over.
Dylan helped me by talking with Jason Perkins to get the Xerox Star ready
for demo at VCF East 2020's Virtual show in less than two weeks (Oct. 10 &

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