[vcf-midatlantic] OT / InfoAge and VCF support

Martin Flynn maflynn at theflynn.org
Sun Aug 1 13:45:00 UTC 2021

VCF and CDL joined forces Saturday to square away a large quantity of 
project work.

  * Ken G & Martin F racked the new UPS in 9059, found out the warranty
    replacement is is a higher wattage (3.0 kW vs 2.2 kW) than the unit
    it's replacing.  Material to deploy two new 30A circuits is inbound,
    work being coordinated with the IA electrician, Bob P.
  * Ken installed the anchors under the eaves of 9059 for the fiber run
    to 9032A.  Ran out of material and time to install the anchors on
    9032.    Additional anchors for 9032 has been ordered.
  * Ken, CJ,  and his son Joe set up the rack mounting holes in hotel
    basement floor and added anchors for the fiber optic cables, The
    anchor bolts for the rack are set into the slab using a Hilti
    two-part system.    I routed in the fiber that runs to the 9001
    attic into the new rack.
  * Handed off the new Cisco two-line analog telephone adapter (ATA) for
    the VCF team to Jeff B.   Jeff tested, is working fine.  Both lines
    are available for VCF use, both have voice mail.
  * ATA for the BBS is active, Server is racked and powered, DNS in
    place.  Last remaining is the firewall rule deployment.

Since the VCF workshop is on the 14th,  I was planning on being on site 
on the 7th to continue the work that is prep for VCF-E, rather than push 
this out closer to VCF-E.

If you are available to assist, please reply off-list to reduce the clutter

Martin Flynn

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