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Oh - and what about sensing technology! There's mechanical (Xerox mouse,
Microsoft Green Eyed Mouse, etc where contacts rotate), optomechanical (Mac
/ Lisa mouse), "vintage optical" (Mouse systems with the shiny mouse pad),
and modern optical (camera based).

On Wed, Aug 4, 2021 at 1:46 PM Jason Perkins <perkins.jason at gmail.com>

> You left out the Lisa mouse!! :) Electrically and mechanically they are
> the same inside as the Mac M0100 - which isn't serial, it's quadrature.
> Perhaps that would be a nice panel to put in the exhibit  - how the mouse
> talks to the computer.
> -J
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>> Hi Everyone,
>> As some of you know, I'm moving back to New Jersey (actually this
>> weekend). I'll be living a few minutes north of the museum and am
>> already brainstorming.
>> SomeTimeSoon<tm> I'm hoping to propose a mouse exhibit for the museum.
>> To that end, I thought it would be fun to brainstorm on two mouse
>> related topics:
>> Historically important mice
>> Historically oddball mice
>> Mice I know we have:
>> DEC mouse
>> Xerox Alto mouse (currently on the Xerox Star, anyone want to donate a
>> Xerox Star mouse? Pretty please?)
>> Xerox DayBreak mouse (winner of the What Could Be Possibly Thinking?
>> Connector Award)
>> Original Mac serial mouse
>> Various ADB Mac mice
>> Various Commodore mice
>> Various Amiga mice
>> Various Atari mice
>> iMac Puck Mouse (slightly out of scope, but my vote for
>> WorstMouseEver<tm>).
>> Various PS/2 and serial PC mice
>> Various Apple II related mice
>> Thoughts on important pointing devices (trackpads, trackballs, etc.)
>> beyond the mouse are also most welcome.
>> For those that may not know, we try to mix up the exhibits but are
>> often at the limits of what is in the VCF collection. So if you have a
>> mouse to donate, we greatly appreciate it and we can give you a tax
>> writeoff.
>> Along the same lines, we'd love someone to buy and donate this Lisa 1
>> mouse:
>> https://www.ebay.com/itm/284394610135
>> I'm told it is a good price. I'm also told it doesn't work with our
>> Lisa 2. But it would make a nice artifact for a possibly future mouse
>> exhibit and we can keep it for the day that we do have a Lisa 1. I'm
>> thrilled to share that the System Source Museum in Maryland just
>> acquired a Lisa 1, so they are out there.
>> Best wishes,
>>        -Adam
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