[vcf-midatlantic] [OT] Anyone Want a 27" Sony Trinitron TV?

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Thu Aug 5 17:52:47 UTC 2021

> I literally just posted, in the "what is vintage" thread, "who collects LCD 
> TVs?" as a counter point about interest in vintage computers. So this is more 
> on-topic than you'd think. Some people think personal computing was *all 
> about graphics and gaming*, and so about displays. The Sony Trinitron CRT was 
> an advance on color CRTs. Not sure where a 27-inch comes in, by age. They 
> made pretty big CRT monitors! There are persons interested in CRT monitors in 
> our cohort.
> Regards, Herb

The young people can hear the CRT wine and sometimes it annoys them enough 
that they shy away from the vintage stuff.

Plus 4:3 LCD TVs are good for the 8 bit micros if you move them around a 
bunch, or for testing :-)

I sold my non-working Sony PVM cube TV, but wouldn't mind one that works 
someday in the future.

 		- Ethan

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