[vcf-midatlantic] How old is "vintage"? (was: Found an IBM XT in my garage.)

Tony Bogan tony.bogan at vcfed.org
Thu Aug 5 21:11:49 UTC 2021

Trying to keep this in one email thread, so replying here. 

After reading the responses here, Herbs response and others, I figured I’d chime in as well.

Adam gave most of the response I was going to make, Herb gave some great foundations for dealing with this topic (both in computers as well as most any other topic involving “vintage.”)

To put a finer point on the VCF Mid-Atlantic take on things at this stage of the game, my comments are as follows...

While the SC has set 1995 as the “cut off” year for donations, as adam said that doesn’t mean if it’s post 1995 it’s not vintage nor does it mean we don’t accept ANY donations of items created after 1995. On the contrary, we’ve already accepted donations of mixed items covering years before and after 1995 as well as individual items that were manufactured after 1995 (a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh is but one example that comes to mind) 

What it does mean is that we take a harder look at something that’s “newer” than 1995 before just blindly accepting a donation. Choosing a year has far more to do with available storage and display space than it does with deciding what is or is not vintage. As Adam mentioned, resources are finite. Only so much storage space, Only so much display space. Sometimes we just have to say ‘no’ even though we’d like to take almost everything and anything people wish to donate. We’ve also turned down items that were made long before the chosen cut off year but not within our scope, same as we’ve taken things more “modern” because they were still in our scope and we had room for them, despite being made after 1995.

The year will change, available space will change, peoples ideas of what is or isn’t vintage will change! The framework we’ve laid out is a living, breathing thing that has few if any hard rules that cannot change. We need to be able to change and grow as our membership and hobby grows (or doesn’t) 

At the same time we need to realize our current limitations and adjust accordingly as those limitations change with the times.

We’ve also taken in donations that were not necessarily directly in line with our current guidelines but afforded us the opportunity to move those donations out the door into the hands of people who did want them, and raised money for VCF at the same time. Consignment at VCF East and our swap meets were evidence of that.

Now if it’s an Apple Computer it’s automatically taken into our custody! ;-) 


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> Yes, the TS-1000 qualifies ;-)
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>>> It’s like pornography. You know vintage when you see it.
>> So any computer with grainy output and bad sound?

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