[vcf-midatlantic] OT: Looking for recommendations on new soldering station for vintage electronics!

Bob Shuster bob at theshusters.com
Sun Aug 8 15:18:53 UTC 2021

For some reason I never saw my original post or any of the responses come through.  (I subscribe to the digest version.)  A hearty thank you to Mark Whittington for pointing me to the online thread!  To respond to many of your responses:

No, I do not have the TRS-80 Model I expansion interface that I built or any photos.  I unwisely sold it and my entire maxed out Model I setup at TCF many years ago…  :(

I think I am eliminating the X-Tronic unit from my search based on your comments, and thanks for the recommendation of the Weller unit.  Hexacons are out of my price range!  It looks like I’ve narrowed it down to the Weller WE1010 or the Hakko FX888.  Leaning towards the Weller because of brand-quality familiarity, availability of replacement tips, etc., and some reported issues of calibration and programming with the Hakko.  Still mulling it over…  (I have Atari 2600 and Intellivision AV mods ready to go in - plus a Nixie tube clock kit to assemble!)

Thanks for all the input.   - Bob Shuster

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