[vcf-midatlantic] VCF Museum and Warehouse Update

Tony Bogan tony.bogan at vcfed.org
Sun Aug 8 17:05:08 UTC 2021

> Wow- How exciting!
> Quite a change from when we talked in the spring down here in south jersey.

Yep! Been a lot going on behind the scenes. Can’t say enough about everyone at InfoAge and how great they’ve been to work with. Everyone’s pretty excited as whole sections are starting to open up that have been nothing but storage for years.

The next couple of years is going to see a lot of work going on, much of it ours!!

Will be awesome to have a full section of over 6000 square feet at our disposal for the museum. Will be a lot of work, but more than worth it when all is said and done. We are working with the folks from the CDL and Dan and Rick from MTMNJ and will be starting on finishing the Broadway entrance. This will not only open the main access for our future museum space but also gives InfoAge a shot in the arm by opening it to the new Electronic Warfare room across from our future museum space. Between the three groups mentioned and InfoAge you’ll have Broadway open, once we are all done with our sections, straight through from second street (the road you walk/drive down to get to our existing museum) to the Military Technology Museum (military vehicles) That’s still a little ways off, but it’s step one and it’s starting soon. We are firing the starting gun ourselves.

All this takes time, money and lots of volunteers, but with multiple groups working together with InfoAge things are getting done! Our future is now ours to build. Great what can get accomplished when you have a good working relationship with those around you, and we have some great partners here at InfoAge with staff, the Board of Trustees and the other member groups.


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