[vcf-midatlantic] VCF Museum and Warehouse Update

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Sun Aug 8 21:39:41 UTC 2021

Two general questions or comments. Neither are anything I can do 
anything about. But they seem worth pointing out. Pardon the long 
explanations, if these were obvious no explanation would be needed.

1) Tony Bogan et al, most recently Martin Flynn, refer a lot to InfoAge 
building number designations. I'm sure, because of their weekly and 
daily activities at Infoage in Wall, NJ, they know which building is 
which and how they are laid out and connected and all that.

Others, who visit sporadically, do not know what they are talking about. 
I barely know myself, despite 15 years of my visits to "the campus" of 
Infoage, because I have a dyslexia about "names". So building 9010 
versus 9010B versus 9999 versus 9009 all. look. the same. names. to. me.

It's not about me of course. What someone who reads this email list, 
knows about buildings, matters or it doesn't. But with repairs and moves 
announced weekly, daily - and now volunteers requested - it seems to 
matter *now*.

It gets worse, if one wants to *find out* these numbers. infoage.org, 
has hidden maps on their Web site, of the facilities. Recent maps have 
no Army numbering. I looked days ago (when Martin was reporting on 
wiring), and I had to use Google to find a survey map of the site, from 
when Camp Evans was under review by the Army as some kind of preserved 


That's where I found it. and it calls out "9010 complex". (shrug)

I recall on-site paper brochures, I haven't checked lately. I don't know 
if they are online, on the Web. How much searching should I do?

Please don't tell me "we aren't responsible for InfoAge's Web site". You 
are responsible for vcf.org. The only map there, shows a few buildings 
by function; no Army numbers.

2) Tony announced, a move of the museum - again, buildings a little 
cryptic - from one section of a building to four sections of (maybe the 
same) a building. And a move of the warehouse, apparently to another 
building. (That kind-of was my last-straw about identifying InfoAge 
buildings.) Apparently the new-to-VCFed sites will need preparation. 
Apparently some funds will have to be raised.

This is good, this is great. But: it will take time, and volunteers. No 
timelines were stated.

Meanwhile: VCF-East is Oct 8-10 - 60 days from today. Those who have 
participated, know how labor-intensive that can be.

That presents a conflict.

Bottom line seems clear to me. What museum or warehouse work will be 
scheduled *before* Oct? Site work equals people-power equals more 
volunteers and more people-hours. Right? People will have to choose what 
to do and when. Right? They may want details.

One hopes, VCFed won't be OBLIGED to move their Museum before Oct 2021. 
That would have consequences for the VCF-East visitors. Right? The 
Warehouse move "should not" impact VCF-East, but who knows? I'm just 

The simplest timeline is: "no changes to current VCFed sites before the 
end of VCF-East". And, work on sites to be moved to, that "has" to be 
done before October - one hopes it can be done as best-efforts, 
lower-priority. (shrug) But VCFed is part of InfoAge, and InfoAge has 
many tenants/partners. Those may require actions before October.


All of this is not about me, or maybe only about me. My problem with 
names is my problem.  As for what building is where, what number, what 
size? Solve that with a good map, point to it, and it's DONE.

On moving: I did computer site preparation professionally, when younger. 
I'm too old now to hustle boxes, sweat and crawl under buildings. But 
I'm not in charge. But I have an interest in the outcomes. and who 
knows? maybe there's work for an old person. If Covid permits; that too 
is uncertain, hard to plan for.

Meanwhile: the next 60 days will likely force certain priorities. Let 
people know so they can make choices ahead of time. Seams reasonable.

Regards, Herb Johnson

Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey in the USA
http://www.retrotechnology.com OR .net
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