[vcf-midatlantic] VCF Museum and Warehouse Update

Tony Bogan tony.bogan at vcfed.org
Mon Aug 9 01:52:17 UTC 2021

> Others, who visit sporadically, do not know what they are talking about. I barely know myself, despite 15 years of my visits to "the campus" of Infoage, because I have a dyslexia about "names". So building 9010 versus 9010B versus 9999 versus 9009 all. look. the same. names. to. me.

Yep, always been a problem. Even I get the numbers mixed up sometimes! 

Since this list doesn’t  allow attachments I have to upload a detailed map so everyone can see It and access it. I finished it last night after work. It’ll go up and a link sent out tomorrow.

We appreciate yours and everyone else’s patience as we make all of these major upgrades and announcements about them.

> Please don't tell me "we aren't responsible for InfoAge's Web site". You are responsible for vcf.org. The only map there, shows a few buildings by function; no Army numbers.

We are not responsible for InfoAges website.

> 2) Tony announced, a move of the museum - again, buildings a little cryptic - from one section of a building to four sections of (maybe the same) a building. And a move of the warehouse, apparently to another building. (That kind-of was my last-straw about identifying InfoAge buildings.) Apparently the new-to-VCFed sites will need preparation. Apparently some funds will have to be raised.
> This is good, this is great. But: it will take time, and volunteers. No timelines were stated.

The main point of the initial update was we are moving from 1/4 of a 6000+ square foot space to an ENTIRE 6000+ square foot space for our museum. Also, we are getting new warehouse space (and space better suited to our needs)
We literally just got approval for the two new spaces. I apologize if we don’t yet have specific timelines for each stage of clearing, cleaning, construction and population of the spaces yet, but we are most certainly working on those now that we have actual approval to occupy the spaces.

One step at a time, this was step one of many yet to come.

> Meanwhile: VCF-East is Oct 8-10 - 60 days from today. Those who have participated, know how labor-intensive that can be.
> That presents a conflict.

No conflict whatsoever. The warehouse and museum spaces are not integral parts of VCF east, and no change of Museum venue will happen anywhere‘s near this VCF east or next year’s.

This is going to be a multi year endeavor, and we don’t want to put the cart before the horse.

> Bottom line seems clear to me. What museum or warehouse work will be scheduled *before* Oct? Site work equals people-power equals more volunteers and more people-hours. Right? People will have to choose what to do and when. Right? They may want details.

For sure, people will want details. This was update number one. Announcing the fact that we now have access to two new spaces for our warehouse and our future Museum. Details of this nature are not usually in the initial announcement of the new acquisition of spaces. This announcement was about the acquisition of those spaces.  I apologize if I was not detailed enough in my initial announcement. Subsequent updates will have more details.
Warehouse work will commence as soon as possible, but again will not have any impact whatsoever on VCF East 2021 or 2022.

> One hopes, VCFed won't be OBLIGED to move their Museum before Oct 2021. That would have consequences for the VCF-East visitors. Right? The Warehouse move "should not" impact VCF-East, but who knows? I'm just guessing

There was no mention of specific dates because there are none. Yet. There was no mention of VCF east because this announcement has no bearing on VCF east 2021 or 2022. We are not obliged to move our Museum space until our new museum space is done.

Once we have done detailed assessments of the museum  space, (some of which has already been done) identified exactly what our needs are, then get estimates for any construction that is beyond the volunteer level, We will then pass that information along to everyone. As soon as we know, everyone else will know.

> On moving: I did computer site preparation professionally, when younger. I'm too old now to hustle boxes, sweat and crawl under buildings. But I'm not in charge. But I have an interest in the outcomes. and who knows? maybe there's work for an old person. If Covid permits; that too is uncertain, hard to plan for.

Great!! We will need all the help and advice we can get! And fortunately for you Herb, the buildings are on concrete slabs. No crawling underneath! Maybe some climbing around the rafters, but we will not ask you to do that!

> Meanwhile: the next 60 days will likely force certain priorities. Let people know so they can make choices ahead of time. Seams reasonable.

Other than the fact that VCF East is not impacted by any of this, as I mentioned in the original email we will be reaching out to everyone so stay tuned for more updates.

I’m glad you’re excited about the new spaces Herb, (I think you’re excited....) I know I am. Over 6000 square feet of museum space!! A better, slightly roomier, more accommodating warehouse space! (Bonus, closer down the hallways to our existing museum and the new space when finished will be closer still!!)

Tony Bogan

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