Apple Branded Mid-80's Memory Compatibility Question.

MikeWillegal mike at
Mon Aug 9 01:59:17 UTC 2021

I have an Apple IIc with a bad memory chip.  The chip is labeled 4264 without any dash number (speed) and branded as Apple.  This is apparently a Micron 64k x 1 DRAM chip with industry standard DRAM pinouts.  Does anyone know if I can use a 4864-3 that also appears to be an Apple branded Micron part?  This most likely was pulled from a working 128K Macintosh many years ago.  I could not find a Micron PDF for a 4864, but a Hitachi 4864 seems to have the same pinout as the Micron 4264.

thanks in advance,
Mike Willegal

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