[vcf-midatlantic] VCF Museum and Warehouse Update

Tony Bogan tony.bogan at vcfed.org
Mon Aug 9 09:12:47 UTC 2021

> That said, Tony also said "Warehouse work will begin as soon as possible". Well, don't exhaust people working on VCF-East, please.

Thank you Herb, we never thought of that! ;-)

> As for "the museum is not an integral part of VCF-East". It's moot if the Museum is stable through early Oct 2021. But Museum tours with VCF-East add value to the event; for people who travel far it's their only opportunity. Ask previous attendees. again, that was my point.

The space Herb. The space is not an integral part of hosting Vcf East. Having people access and tour the museum is a no-brainer, We all split docent duties every VCF, but Drew always seems to end up doing the lions share!!!

The point was the event takes place elsewhere on campus, so in addressing your original concerns I pointed this out. 

This isn’t our first rodeo, but it’s always good to have people keep us on our toes. Thank you.

> So from what Tony adds, this is an Infoage "capital improvements" plan. From what I know, it's likely like other InfoAge plans which replaced roofs and wiring and structural changes plus interior work - done professionally and by volunteers. It's not just moving stuff and painting walls - which has also been Infoage work.

Hmmm.... this is a VCF expansion plan too. You’re right, it will be more than moving stuff and painting walls. First we need to put the walls up!

It’s a multi year plan that When completed will give us climate controlled warehouse space and a museum more than quadruple the size we have now. Difference is this will be done in our timeframe based on our resources and efforts, not InfoAge’s. Our future is literally in our hands now. The more we put out, the more we immediately get back.

> All I can say, is that the more you inform people on this list, the more they can offer support and assistance. Raising funds and development of buildings and plans are matters outside the scope of this list. They may NOT be, outside the scope of some individuals on this list; so don't miss opportunities to attract such persons to the project.

For sure Herb, well said. This list has many pluses, not the least of which is the massive amount of knowledge, talent and generosity of the people on it. Rest assured we are aware of the importance of and appreciate the value within the VCF membership and community.

> Tony said "I hope you are excited [Herb]."
> Well, I plan ahead. The result sounds great. But *executing the plan* is what gets you there.

Thanks Herb, I’m glad you are excited. (That does mean you are excited, yes? ;-)

>> “Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work.”
>> ― Mark Twain 

“Did you know, you were born on your birthday?”
— Captain Obvious

> Congratulations and good luck.
> regards, Herb Johnson

Lots of work has been done to get to this point. Now the hard work begins. We will all need the good luck, this is a group effort that will need everyone’s input, assistance, whatever we can each do to help make this happen.

Next time you and I meet at InfoAge Herb we will get together and talk. Always a pleasure to see you, we don’t get to do it often enough!


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