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Tue Aug 10 04:36:13 UTC 2021

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> On 8/9/2021 1:01 AM, Herb Johnson via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> > it puts VCF in the CompDecon building. Also: Tony uses location terms
> > like "Broadway" (a connecting hallway), some street names too. I'm
> > giving feedback, OK? Maps are not easy to construct.
> >
> > regards, Herb Johnson
> Herb,
> Re the VCF pin being on the CDL building - the base map image is from
> Google, so to fix the the defective "pin" the Google account manager for
> VCF would need to be involved.

I will fix this.

I will also put up any map on the VCFed.org that is created to aid in
everyone's understanding of the building numbers.

The military likes to number their buildings instead of giving them names
;) I didn't understand the building numbers when I was first there, but
after 13 years I know many of them by heart since I am there on average
once per week. And I need to refer to building numbers frequently when
talking to people. There are still some buildings that I don't interact
with and wonder where they are when people during operations meetings
mention them. Having a map or just driving around and looking at the
numbers on the sides of the buildings helped me. There have been various
maps made by different people over the years, by VCF and others. I also
know that there is a map handed to visitors at the InfoAge front desk that
shows what each building is. But there can be an updated map on our VCF
site showing where we are now, where we will be going, etc. It does help
people to visualize when they have a map to refer to. The hard part is
describing it like 9032-A ("Oh that's where we used to have our repair
workshops and half of the VCF East exhibits and it's a large open room").

If anyone wants me to show you in person next time that you are there, I
would be glad to point it all out.

> As I said, this is an interim fix until such time as InfoAge addresses
> this issue with a standardized map with program descriptions *and*
> building numbers based on this:
> http://compdecon.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/tourmap_lineart_final-scaled.jpg
> They are aware of this issue, (loops back around to Tony's statement on
> how the teams are all working together nowadays) and is being worked on
> in the background, so it's ready for inclusion in the VCF East program
> material.
> Martin

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