[vcf-midatlantic] Apple I replics for sale

Bill Degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 13:54:42 UTC 2021

Saw this:

I am curious what others think of this board.  I own a different one
already but I was curious, should anyone ask, what are the best replica
Apple I motherboards

1) closest to original
2) best functionally

I ask because the original board is not as good "functionally" as a modern
board made to look like one, i.e. it may not be as reliable because of the
manufacturing technique of the original board.

I know Mikes has intentional differences put into his replica so it does
not come off as an original board, some of these do try to reproduce
everything.  I am sure Mike and Corey have seen everything and I am curious
what they and anyone into replicas of Apple I's think here.


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