[vcf-midatlantic] VCF East 2021: The World of IBM

Adam Michlin adam.michlin at vcfed.org
Fri Aug 27 11:30:28 UTC 2021

Hi Everyone,

As you know, Dean, I and a few other people are working on what we
hope to be the largest exhibit in the history of VCF: The World of
IBM. This is in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the IBM PC.

There are three components:

1. IBM branded products
2. x86 clones
3. Products that run x86 code, but aren't natively x86 - either
through hardware or software (so, for example, an '030 Mac IIcx
running SoftPC - which we don't currently have). We call this x86 on
!x86 (read as x86 on not x86)

Dean, Dean's son Drew, and I are spearheading the IBM branded section.
We have most of the PC/XT/AT era covered, but could use more variety
in the PS/2 area. You can offer to loan a computer to us (I'll link
you in on our internal spreadsheet so you know what we've already
covered) or you can do an entire table yourself. We're especially
looking for someone to run an OS/2 exhibit (we have a massive OS/2
collection in the warehouse that we've been itching to put on display
since we acquired it).

Bill Inderrieden is spearheading the clone exhibit to honor the legacy
of the PC clone. This topic alone could fill two rooms, so we're not
going for any kind of completion here. Ideas that we'd love people to
consider in terms of exhibits:

Early Dell
The Boring Grey Boxes (Not So Boring)
The Luggables
The Weird Ones
The Ones You've Never Heard Of
MS-DOS Throughout the Ages
Windowing Systems that Aren't Windows
Windows (pre 95)
Unix on x86 (Xenix et. al)
Early Linux
Your Idea Here!

The weirder the better and we're even going to have an informal
contest for the most incompatible PC compatible (Tandy need not
apply... that's just not fair!).

x86 on !x86, is being handled by Jason Perkins. This is my personal
favorite category where anything goes as long as it ultimately runs
x86 somehow some way. We'll have an informal competition for the most
gratuitously obnoxious execution of x86 code (the slower the better)
and maybe even compete to see who can come up with the silliest,
craziest, slowest way to run original x86 Doom.

So how can you help?

We still have limited space for a full exhibit - contact me if you
want a full table and are willing to staff it throughout the event.

You can also help by loaning computers, for example we'd love to
borrow an Atari PC1 to add to our "Major companies you may not have
known made x86 PCs" - DEC and Commodore already being represented -

You can offer to staff the exhibit, either full time (required only if
you have a table) or part time to relieve the full time staff (which
we can pre schedule so you have plenty of time to explore the event
otherwise - volunteer for only a few hours or more!).

If you'd like to help in any way, just send me a private email and we
will get you to the right person.


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