[vcf-midatlantic] VCF East 2021: The World of IBM

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Fri Aug 27 15:53:50 UTC 2021

I have a Commodore PC-40 III that works, but no hard drive and can boot
from floppy. I don't have any software for it. You can borrow it, but would
need to find software for it.

On Fri, Aug 27, 2021 at 7:31 AM Adam Michlin via vcf-midatlantic <
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> Hi Everyone,
> As you know, Dean, I and a few other people are working on what we
> hope to be the largest exhibit in the history of VCF: The World of
> IBM. This is in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the IBM PC.
> There are three components:
> 1. IBM branded products
> 2. x86 clones
> 3. Products that run x86 code, but aren't natively x86 - either
> through hardware or software (so, for example, an '030 Mac IIcx
> running SoftPC - which we don't currently have). We call this x86 on
> !x86 (read as x86 on not x86)
> Dean, Dean's son Drew, and I are spearheading the IBM branded section.
> We have most of the PC/XT/AT era covered, but could use more variety
> in the PS/2 area. You can offer to loan a computer to us (I'll link
> you in on our internal spreadsheet so you know what we've already
> covered) or you can do an entire table yourself. We're especially
> looking for someone to run an OS/2 exhibit (we have a massive OS/2
> collection in the warehouse that we've been itching to put on display
> since we acquired it).
> Bill Inderrieden is spearheading the clone exhibit to honor the legacy
> of the PC clone. This topic alone could fill two rooms, so we're not
> going for any kind of completion here. Ideas that we'd love people to
> consider in terms of exhibits:
> Early Dell
> Compaq
> The Boring Grey Boxes (Not So Boring)
> The Luggables
> Tandy
> The Weird Ones
> The Ones You've Never Heard Of
> MS-DOS Throughout the Ages
> Windowing Systems that Aren't Windows
> Windows (pre 95)
> Unix on x86 (Xenix et. al)
> Early Linux
> Your Idea Here!
> The weirder the better and we're even going to have an informal
> contest for the most incompatible PC compatible (Tandy need not
> apply... that's just not fair!).
> x86 on !x86, is being handled by Jason Perkins. This is my personal
> favorite category where anything goes as long as it ultimately runs
> x86 somehow some way. We'll have an informal competition for the most
> gratuitously obnoxious execution of x86 code (the slower the better)
> and maybe even compete to see who can come up with the silliest,
> craziest, slowest way to run original x86 Doom.
> So how can you help?
> We still have limited space for a full exhibit - contact me if you
> want a full table and are willing to staff it throughout the event.
> You can also help by loaning computers, for example we'd love to
> borrow an Atari PC1 to add to our "Major companies you may not have
> known made x86 PCs" - DEC and Commodore already being represented -
> exhibit.
> You can offer to staff the exhibit, either full time (required only if
> you have a table) or part time to relieve the full time staff (which
> we can pre schedule so you have plenty of time to explore the event
> otherwise - volunteer for only a few hours or more!).
> If you'd like to help in any way, just send me a private email and we
> will get you to the right person.
>          -Adam

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