[vcf-midatlantic] Masayuki Uemura, Creator Of The Famicom/NES And SNES, Has Passed Away

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Thu Dec 9 19:42:10 UTC 2021

Ethan O'Toole posts:

> Bummer. Kudos to Nintendo and the systems Uemura created. The great video 
> game crash was due to the substandard product being shipped over here in 
> the states. ....
> To this day, I would say Nintendo and some of it's characters are the most 
> loved of any of the game systems. I believe I read that worldwide that 
> Mario is now more known than Mickey Mouse.

I'm sorry to hear about this loss of yet another vintage computing 
developer. I appreciate Ethan's and other's discussion of how they view 
the history of home video game systems they grew up with and/or used 
later as adults.

I just wanted to observe by contrast, I pre-date these 1980's 90's 
systems. I "grew up" as a technical professional, who saw and used 
microprocessors as parts of systems for industrial use, for educational 
use, or in support of business (later home) computing systems for 
individual use. That was the nature of computing at the time, so it's 
not just about myself.

So, this history of "home video game systems", is something that is just 
not part of my experiences. I'm aware of it of course, but I did not 
participate in it. And so I'm informed, when people like Ethan and 
others who post, tell me of how these leaders and their products, 
impacted their lives at various times. Thanks for sharing your 
experiences, they inform me, and again I'm sorry for your loss.

Regards, Herb Johnson

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