[vcf-midatlantic] Wanted - Dead or Alive - P70 Floppy Drive!

Benjamin Dressler bdressler82 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 11 03:28:58 UTC 2021

I have a P70 floppy drive that seems to still be functional, albeit with
the "minor" caveat that its entire head assembly had been ripped to shreds
by its previous owner, presumably in an attempt to remove a stuck floppy
disk (the metal cover I found inside the drive seems to be a pretty decent
indicator of that). Seeks and does floppy things, but kind of like a
chicken running around with its head cut off at this point I suppose.

Wanted to see if anyone had a dead P70 drive with an intact head assembly
so I could attempt my luck at surgery since those drives are kind of hard
to come by these days. It would be for an ALPS drive, FRU 38F5936. Will be
at Festivus :)

Best Regards,

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