[vcf-midatlantic] Your First Modem? (was: Help me remember my first modem)

Jeff Galinat jgalinat at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 13:25:35 UTC 2021

My first modem was was a surplus 300 bps acoustic coupled model I bought at
the Trenton Computer Fest around 1978 or 1979. I used it for a few years
with my Apple ][+ before I retired it. I was an IBM customer engineer at
the time and one of my customers gave me a Bell 212 unit (don’t remember
the actual model #) so I upgraded to 1200bps at that time. I used that with
a dual serial card for the Apple I built on a proto board to get online and
to connect to a serial terminal. I wrote a very small machine language
program to redirect the Cin (character in) & Cout (character out) routines
to the serial port. The terminal allowed me to view the BBSes at 80x24
rather than the Apple’s 40 column display. Also, the only printer I had at
the time was a screen printer attached to the aux port of the terminal so
at least I could get a hard copy. The write up was published in the ACGNJ
newsletter and Steve Ciarcia even referenced it in a future issue of his
“Ask Byte” column in Byte magazine. I was thrilled to have a hardware guru
like Steve reference something I built.

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> What was your first modem? Mine was a kit from Micromint in Long Island.
> It was around 1980 or so (I was about 13).
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