[vcf-midatlantic] Software for TI Portable in VCF Museum

David Gesswein djg at pdp8online.com
Wed Dec 29 22:16:41 UTC 2021

On Wed, Dec 29, 2021 at 05:05:55PM -0500, Jeffrey Brace via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> David Gesswein has graciously detailed his repair of the TI portable. Does
> anyone have any suggestions for which software we should put on to this
> machine when it goes back into the museum?

For reference this is what I had running on my TI at VCFE. What works
for Museum is different from VCFE so a some/most probably make no sense. If 
people think things from this list are good I can set them up or can track 
down other stuff that may work better if people have ideas on what.

*Graphics Demo: cd pictures␍picloop␍. Easiest to reboot to stop. Add bugle to 
   do sound. This will need me to loan you the graphics board to work.
   The better graphics is one of the differences with this machine.
*Texas Picture Show (gif viewer that some of pictures above from): 
   cd games␍tps20 filename.gif␍. 
#Rabbit Program (software I wrote for our rabbitry): cd dbase\mini␍rabbits␍
   2 ␍ PJO6 ␍ then follow prompts. ESC undo, F3 exit, Tab next field.
#Show Program (early version): cd show␍show␍. Setup for different printer so 
   printing funny
*Print Banner:cd signmakr␍banner␍bdr30 small, bdr66 big. Dir to see other. 
   Output prn
#Zork II: cd games␍zorkii␍
@Zork III: Uses non standard disk format so must boot floppy to run
@Microsoft flight simulator: Uses non standard disk format so must boot 
   floppy to run
#KEDIT editor (based on IBM VM/CMS XEDIT): k filename. F3 exit, QQUIT exit 
   without saving. Has neat features such as able to mark and copy block of 
   lines and to include and exclude lines from editing based on patterns. Has 
   REXX programming language for custom behavior. Modified binary to get it to 
   run on TI.
#EasyWriter II word processor:cd ewii␍ewii␍. Select 2 open folder use default 
  rabbits then 1 edit. ESC to exit document.
*Chess program: cd tigames␍chess-ti␍. 
*SILO (shooting game) cd tigames␍silo␍. 

@UCSD Pascal OS: Put Runtime disk in drive A and development disk in drive B 
  and follow boot instructions. Did use UCSD Pascal on IBM 5150 for first 
 computer science class in college.
@Concurrent CP/M -86: Works on VCF TI.

Also have various simple games from users group disks such as hangman.

# - From original use of this computer
* - From disks we got from the TI users group we were a member of. Put on computer for VCF.
@ - Found online, for VCF.

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