[vcf-midatlantic] slot 2 xeons

Kenneth Gober kgober at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 18:27:41 UTC 2021

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> Anyone know if such can run or be made to run at a speed lower then it's
> rated? Specifically can a 1ghz 133mhz piii run in a mobo that normally
> takes a 700mhz 100mhz piii?

I haven't dealt with Slot 2 processors, but with Slot 1 the clock speed is
simply the product of the bus speed times the multiplier.  Assuming that
Slot 2 is similar to Slot 1 in that respect, a 1GHz CPU with a 133MHz bus
speed runs with a 7.5 multiplier.  Depending on your motherboard, the bus
speed might or might not be configurable.  The multiplier is typically
programmed into the CPU and isn't something you can set yourself.  This
means that if you use that CPU in a motherboard configured for a 100MHz bus
speed, you will effectively get a 750MHz CPU (100MHz bus clock times 7.5x
multiplier).  Aside from running at 750MHz rather than 1GHz it should
work.  If your motherboard has jumpers allowing the bus clock to be changed
to 133MHz you will need to do that to get the CPU to run at full speed.


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