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I like the black and green idea and I also like the logo from the last T-shirt but I unfortunately did not get a chance to purchase one and certainly would love the chance now.

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> On Feb 6, 2021, at 10:56 AM, Adam Michlin via vcf-midatlantic <vcf-midatlantic at lists.vcfed.org> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> With the news that VCF East has been postponed to the Fall, we are
> able to move forward with one of many projects to give members more
> input into the day to day running of VCF.
> To that end, we're going to try a new approach to designing the T
> Shirts. For those who may not know, we design one t-shirt for all
> events in the year (VCF East, VCF West, and, historically, VCF Pacific
> Northwest).
> This year we are going to ask several graphic designers to submit
> designs on the theme of the anniversary of the IBM PC 5150 and the
> general theme of text adventure games. To that end, we are opening the
> floor for both input and suggestions.
> The running idea is to have a stylized IBM PC 5150 with a classic
> Colossal Cave Adventure (CCA) quote on it. Personally, I'm hoping for
> "You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike." The idea is
> that CCA was played on the 5150 but also predates it on mainframes and
> minicomputers.
> We're also leaning towards the green and amber on black options from
> last year. We won't necessarily do this every year, but it seems to
> make sense when talking about the 5150 and, of course, who can resist
> a good old fashioned green versus amber argument?
> Once we have a quorum of submissions by graphic designers, we will
> return to the membership to help decide which shirt goes to press. We
> realize this takes some of the fun of the surprise out of it, but we
> also realize that designing a t-shirt that more people like and have
> input on is a win all around. We also have near term hopes to make
> shirts available for print on demand after the events and may even
> bring back some of the classic shirts (thank you, Dan Roganti! May you
> RIP), also as print on demand.
> General and specific suggestions, publicly or privately, are most
> welcome and we would love some more ideas of different classic text
> adventure quotes. To answer the most obvious question, Zork was high
> on our list but there are already a lot of t-shirts with the famous
> Zork quotes. We would also love any submissions of the actual drawn
> design from any of you, the more the merrier!
> Best wishes,
>         -Adam
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