ENIAC 75th Anniversary Celebration

Brian L. Stuart blstuart at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 11 18:02:31 UTC 2021

This evening begins a series of events celebrating the
75th anniversary of the unveiling of the ENIAC at the
University of Pennsylvania.  On the 11th and 18th, the
Philadelphia Venture Cafe will be hosting virtual round
tables with a number of us who have some connection to
the ENIAC and Philadelphia technology.  Included among
the people present will be:

- Bill Mauchly and Chris Eckert, sons of the ENIAC
- Bill Mensch, part of the 6502 engineering team
- Kathy Kleiman, producer of the ENIAC programmers

(And yes, I'll be there for anyone who wants to get
nerdy and talk about the technical aspects of the
machine and its programming.)

Monday, the 15th is the day of the anniversary, and
there will be a full day of webcasting.  Starting at
10:30 EST, UPenn will be holding a mini-symposium in
recognition of the ENIAC.  Then at 3:30 EST, Unisys
will be webcasting an ENIAC celebration video that
includes a number of panel discussions, as well as
clips from early newsreels, and happy birthday wishes
from the various locations housing ENIAC artifacts.

More details and links to all the events can be found



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