[vcf-midatlantic] Paper tape

Mike Loewen mloewen at cpumagic.scol.pa.us
Mon Feb 15 04:08:15 UTC 2021

    Recently, I've been deep into paper tape territory. I exhumed my HP 2748B 
high speed paper tape reader, and got it running after a clutch plate 
adjustment. It's connected to my HP 2108A minicomputer, along with a 2645A 
terminal. I can punch tapes from a Linux system to a GNT-4601 paper tape 
reader/punch, connected via serial port. Then load the tape into the 2748B and 
read it into the 2108A. They're not kidding when they say "high speed".


    So, I'm able to load diagnostic tapes from a very large paper tape library 
on Bitsavers. Some of the diags only require front panel operation, while 
others need a terminal. There's also paper tape BASIC, which I'll get to after 
a connector arrives to make a different terminal cable.


    The 2748B reader doesn't have a takeup reel, so naturally the tape goes all 
over the floor. Rewinding it is a PITA. I saw a picture of a handheld HP tape 
rewinder, and built my own to chuck into my cordless drill. Rewinds even 
faster than it spits out!


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