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> > On 2/15/21 2:38 PM, Ethan O'Toole via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> >>  I used to work at a place that used 10baseFL. It was a big waste of
> >>  Every computer that came in had an Intel 100mbps nic, it got yanked
> >> and  replaced with a $400 10 megabit fiber card. But when lightning
> >> struck near  one of the buildings, it blew out like $100K worth of
> >> Lucent Definity  phone boards and every HP cat5 jetdirect board.
> >
> >  I think the "FL" in 10baseFL stands for "FLorida".  Lightning capital
> > of the world and all.  I lost about half a dozen copper ports down
> > there before I developed a rule for my network: If it leaves the room,
> on fiber.
>     When I was working in MD, we had a customer with a long RS-232 run
> between buildings. I was there several times to replace the 1488 and 1489
> chips in the remote printer. They never did do anything about it.

Oddly when for https://nerc.ukri.org/ we had similar issues. Many of our
sites were on river banks and apparently lightening track the river so we
often got our RS232 drivers popped.
Lots of kit was stuff we could fix ourselves and we kept many spares, but I
seem to remember that the PAKX which was a physical terminal switch, was
"out of bounds" and meant we had wait for an engineer to fix...


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