[vcf-midatlantic] Personal IRIS PSU repair

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Wed Feb 17 22:07:53 UTC 2021

> Yeah, probably something I should just do anyway.
> There's a very fun spot where there are four caps soldered directly into two rails of sheet metal that I don't particularly look forward to dealing with...
> Thanks for the info, on the Indigo 2!

A friend gave me one of those 36" inkjet printers (DesignJet 1050C) a long 
time ago which had a similar PSU issue. Hair dryer to the PSU board 
brought it up. Then I just kept cutting the problem in half... which side 
of the board, which side of the half of the board, etc down to the one 
small cap that was at fault.

Depending on the wiring/form factor if you can carefully bring it up 
easily you can replace some caps, test it, then go further. Usually the 
huge ones on the AC input side aren't replaced as part of a repair.

My SGI Indigo had an issue that it was always reporting that the AC power 
was lost, which spams this message to console. In order to poke at the PSU 
I had to use one of those PC ATX power extension cables to get the power 
supply powered on outside of computer. Luckily even though it's not ATX 
pinout it's the same connector and I was able to use that to test. I 
figured out the fix, posted it to Nekochan and the site went down a few 
days later.

 			- Ethan

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