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Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Wed Feb 24 05:21:42 UTC 2021

On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 11:34 PM Jeffrey Jonas via vcf-midatlantic <
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> 1) good news: his collection was off the floor
> but the house was water damaged
> https://youtu.be/hc4_PnKoea4
> Texas in Crisis - My house is ruined!
> The 8-Bit Guy

Wow! That's terrible that his house got flooded and that he has to do all
those repairs. Glad to hear that his family is OK, especially his kitties!

Thanks for sharing Jeff Jonas!

> 2) by the time you read this, Fry's may be gone for good
> https://www.shacknews.com/article/122935/frys-electronics-rumored-to-permanently-close-nationwide-tonight
> Fry's Electronics rumored to permanently close nationwide tonight
> The American software and consumer electronics store is rumored to be
> closing its doors for good.
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