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That’s been my understanding of what line printer means.  We have one of these, rebadged for our basic/4 mini and it does 600 lines per minute, or used to last time I ran it:


If I remember correctly though it has one wide row of pins so it forms characters one row of dots at a time top to bottom instead of side to side.  Pretty impressive to watch especially as a high school kid who had only ever seen a cheap dot matrix that did like one line per second!

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Just to be clear- when you say they are line printers, that means that they have pins across the entire width of the paper/platen - and can print an entire line at a time, right? There is no moving print head...

I just recall work I did in undergrad at University of MD in early '90s and in the 'machine room' there was some sort of IBM line printer that seemed to spit the paper out at like 80mph, and was... loud.

I recall having to get print outs from the pascal code there for some home work or something.

Those type of line printers right?


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On Sun, 28 Feb 2021, Andrew Diller wrote:

Also remind me to never get into a printer competition with Mike Loewen, those are some monster printers I saw on that page (for having at your house)...

 They're not THAT big (except for the DG). :-)  The only reason I have the HP printers is for period correctness for my HP 3000s. Those two also have HP-IB interfaces.

 When I was doing HP 3000 maintenance in '86-'88, they sent me to Massachusetts for a class on the 2619A:


 1000lpm chain-train printer, big sucker. I only ever installed one after that.

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