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I would tell him that he could think of it as an old answering machine.  If it fills up, he can’t get any more messages.  However, once he deletes them he can continue to get new messages but the old ones are gone.   
I wonder if he is “leaving” the conversation without deleting it because he doesn’t want to lose the thread?  Or perhaps he is deleting his messaging app and reinstalling?   
Perhaps he has messages backed up on his cloud?  Maybe he needs to work with that.  I have had to stop backing up my messages because I refuse to pay for a new cloud storage plan.  It could be that every time he puts the thread back it restores the one on the cloud?   Maybe he needs to manage that storage and either make sure messages are deleted from cloud or just turn of auto backup?
Explaining things in terms as non-technically as possible should help.  That is how I used to help people at Apple Store.  Like talk about putting things in the actual trash and making sure it is picked up.... etc.   

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OK. So I'm in a family group text chat (SMS) since Covid-19 started and
there are 14 people in the chat. My uncle has an iPhone 6 and 3 GB of free
storage. So after a certain time he is "locked out" of the group
conversation and doesn't receive any conversations from the group chat. His
belief is that everyone needs to delete the conversation from their phones
to get back into the group chat. So he believes that after everyone deletes
the conversation, then he will get a flood of conversations again. This
seems to happened, but I believe that it is a coincidence. He claims that
his phone fills up with 3 GB of messages when everyone doesn't delete the

1) How can I explain to him that this is not how smart phones work?
2) How can I troubleshoot the *real* problem so that it doesn't
keep happening?

Also he doesn't want to get a new phone because he can't afford it.

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