Amiga 2000 Getting files onto floppy disk

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Sat Jan 2 01:56:58 UTC 2021

Good evening
Happy new year!

I have an AMIGA 2000 that I need to get
 drivers for the SCSI card Onto a floppy disk.

SCSI drivers need to be on my kickstart disk so I can access the hard drives.

I only have a Windows computer and I’m not sure how I would be able to get these files onto a floppy disk that the Amiga can read so I can set the configuration properly to see what is on the hard drives. ( 1 SCSI -1 RLL) 2090 card.

Right now it has the original configuration.
Kickstart 1.2 in ROM.
And I am using workbench 1.3 floppy disk to start the system.
If I don’t use a workbench floppy disk to start the system, it will prompt me for workbench 1.2.

So my goal is to get the drivers onto the kickstart disk so I can access the hard drives At least with a minimal amount of expense.
Can anybody help with this, please?

Mike Rosen

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