[vcf-midatlantic] Amiga 2000 Getting files onto floppy disk

Andrew Diller dillera at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 14:54:02 UTC 2021

Yep, you can of course do all that. It takes a little bit of work to setup however… I don’t believe he had a scsi2SD yet, so that won’t exactly help Mike.

My main point is- you may naively thing Gotek = USB transfer of files, but it’s of course just a disk image mounter and won’t work with anything except a disk image. Even then, only with ADF. I had to convert DMS files to ADF at some point also with a program to use an older drive disk image.

I do agree having a full blown UAE setup is also another helpful piece of kit, with UAE you can probably do most of what you need to do – in terms of creating custom disk images that have the libs you need to install on them. With UAE you can run:


and easily manipulate ADFs for the Gotek.

I should probally set that up at some point and see how it make things easier.


From: Ethan O'Toole <telmnstr at 757.org>
Date: Saturday, January 2, 2021 at 9:43 AM
To: Andrew Diller <dillera at gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [vcf-midatlantic] Amiga 2000 Getting files onto floppy disk
> You cannot use the Gotek to move a lha file you’ve downloaded from the
> internet using another system (linux/win/mac) to the Amiga- for that you
> need something like Amiga Explorer. It will move it reliably but slowly.
> Luckily most of these files are small by todays standards.

Could you somehow move the disk image from the USB thumb drive used with
the Gotek onto a host and transfer data into it with WinUAE? Mount the
floppy image with WinUAE, format it, copy in the data. Then move the
floppy image back to the USB drive used with gotek?

On my A2500 I have a SCSI2SD, and I pull the SD card out from the Amiga
and stuff it into a Windows 10 laptop. WinUAE is set to use the SD card
partition as the hard drive, and it will boot the same system that runs on
the physical hardware. I copied in all the WHDLoad demos and games from a
directory via WinUAE into the Amiga SD card, then toss the card back in
the Amiga. It's pretty flawless so far.

The newer Amiga Explorer is limited in file size that can be
dragged/dropped to like 10K. You have to use a CLI utility to move files
over. The serial speed on the Amiga seems to max at 19200, makes the Apple
II look good :-)

                 - Ethan

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