[vcf-midatlantic] Amiga 2000 Getting files onto floppy disk

Alexander Jacocks jjacocks at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 00:28:20 UTC 2021


Here’s the adapter that you need to make a Gotek external:


As to moving single files, using a Gotek, it’s easy. You just make an Amiga
disk image, on your PC, containing whatever files you want, and then put
the image on the thumb drive. Put the thumb drive into the Amiga, and you
can then mount that image as df1:, and copy files off of it.

Hope that helps!
- Alex

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> I read a little about the board and found this:
> We’ve tested the GuruNet on as many different Amiga hardware variants we
> can. Everything has worked well, except Amiga 2000 systems with Accelerator
> boards. We’re still trying to figure out why, it doesn’t matter if the
> board is a first party A2630 board or a third party GVP board. As long as
> the board is installed, the GuruNet is detected but won’t send or receive
> packets. If you have any ideas on why this may be, please reach out.
> From: https://gigofham.com/post/2018/12/12-gurunet-review-install/
> As I have a GVP 030 in my A2000, it looks like I won’t be getting one of
> these.
> -andy
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> Subject: Re: [vcf-midatlantic] Amiga 2000 Getting files onto floppy disk
> > And with this reminder, I just bought myself a GuruNet board for my
> Amiga.
> > ?
> > The only problem I'll have is that I'll need to switch out my DCTV to
> free
> > up the parallel port for the GuruNet. ?
> Just looked up that board.
> I wish it had something like an ESP8266 and could do the TCP/IP offloaded
> versus requiring the Amiga TCP/IP stacks. Then you could have a program on
> the Amiga side that is much lighter in weight that could maybe mount a
> TNFS server or Windows CIFS server. Something like the FujiNet adapter
> that exists for the Atari 8bit computers. At least for me, just having
> remote filesystem over network would be a huge jump in capabilities.
>                          - Ethan

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