[vcf-midatlantic] vcf-midatlantic Digest, Vol 32, Issue 10

Eric Rangell erangell at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 16:47:33 UTC 2021

Re: [vcf-midatlantic] Museum Report 2021-01-10

Hi all,
VCF owns an Applesauce floppy disk imager that was donated by John Keoni
Morris.  Over the past 2 years Tony and I tested it and got two 5.25" Disk
II drives to work well with it (replacing the MC3470 amplifiers).  It is a
deluxe unit, so we also have an Apple 3.5" drive attached.  We installed
the sync sensors in the Disk II drives so it can create full flux images of
GCR floppy disks in A2R and WOZ formats.  Unprotected disks can be imaged
to DSK or PO using the Fast Disk Imager. The latest version of the software
can also create Commodore D64 and Atari image files for emulators.  We were
also able to image Lisa and Mac 3.5 disks.  Yesterday I set up the unit on
the Mac Mini in the museum, so it is available for use by anyone who has
floppy disks that need to be imaged for preservation.  To learn more about
Applesauce, visit: https://applesaucefdc.com
Thanks, Eric Rangell

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