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Mon Jan 11 16:59:38 UTC 2021

great work!

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> Re: [vcf-midatlantic] Museum Report 2021-01-10
> Hi all,
> VCF owns an Applesauce floppy disk imager that was donated by John Keoni
> Morris.  Over the past 2 years Tony and I tested it and got two 5.25" Disk
> II drives to work well with it (replacing the MC3470 amplifiers).  It is a
> deluxe unit, so we also have an Apple 3.5" drive attached.  We installed
> the sync sensors in the Disk II drives so it can create full flux images of
> GCR floppy disks in A2R and WOZ formats.  Unprotected disks can be imaged
> to DSK or PO using the Fast Disk Imager. The latest version of the software
> can also create Commodore D64 and Atari image files for emulators.  We were
> also able to image Lisa and Mac 3.5 disks.  Yesterday I set up the unit on
> the Mac Mini in the museum, so it is available for use by anyone who has
> floppy disks that need to be imaged for preservation.  To learn more about
> Applesauce, visit: https://applesaucefdc.com
> Thanks, Eric Rangell

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