[vcf-midatlantic] 10, 000 Hours With Claude Shannon: How A Genius Thinks, Works, and Lives

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Thu Jan 28 22:41:58 UTC 2021

The article is OK, to the extent it describes the personality of Claude 
Shannon, as like some number of technical geniuses. But the article gets 
tedious about it; it's a love story by a biographer. I hope they didn't 
mess up the science in the biography.

Shannon himself is an important mid-20th century figure in information 
theory; I know of him from my BSEE studies in the 1970's. I'd say his 
biography is relevant to vintage computing interests, who wish to be 
informed about the development of computing technology. Myself, I learn 
science and tech by reading works by and about people who developed 
science and technology in the 20th century.

So thanks to Christian Liendo for calling out the author of a Shannon 
biography, so I can look for that book.

Regards, Herb Johnson

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