[vcf-midatlantic] Topics for Bil Herd at VCF East 2021

RETRO Innovations go4retro at go4retro.com
Fri Jul 2 00:32:18 UTC 2021

Bil often peppers his talks with allusions to the task of designing a 
system for low cost and mass production.  I don't think any of the 
existing talks delved into those points specifically, but rather 
tangentially.  It would be nice to have a discussion where he could show 
a tuples of designs, with one being the normal design or the one that 
would most likely work in almost all the cases, and then the one that 
had to be used on the +4/C128 or whatever, to ensure high yield and no 
loss, with lowest cost, or whatever.

  * If he wants to riff on this, he could show an example of:
      o The way to properly fix some last minute issue in the C128 after
        FCC testing was done
      o The way they did fix it using transistors, since transistor
        additions would not trigger the need to redo the FCC cert.

I bet, if you scan through his talks, he's noted a half dozen of these, 
but they are always played off as incidental to the conversation at 
hand.  I think it'd be worthwhile to really dig a bit deeper in the 
world of design for mass manufacturing and for lowest cost, and what 
lengths designers have to go to in order to succeed there.


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