[vcf-midatlantic] Sperry Univac Core - Which computer and Capacity?

Douglas Crawford touchetek at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 02:49:34 UTC 2021

So, right. Here's the whole post mortem on this.

 >>What's your plan? Or is it "now I know, now it goes on my shelf"?

Yes, likely on the wall, with other memory technology boards.
I've wanted to take a crack at making an interesting
display of the evolving of memory tech and density.
Maybe it will find its way to the museum, or a vc fest.
So with Duane and D. Gesswein's help I can properly
label this item.
I bought the board as it was Univac and presented very
well by itself.  Its a handsome build.
Is the AN/UYK-20 computer it came from
that interesting? Maybe.
I don't intend to pursue any further research on the
computer itself.

There is a possibility of making a jig that
writes and reads data to and from it;
that was briefly discussed in this conversation.
To that end I mentioned there were two broken
ICs on the board that would have to be replaced.
Duane replied with a source.
If I work on that, it will likely go on my page.
Dave Gesswein gave some other helpful input.
The interface to the board would have to be understood
and I think the manual that Duane provided
contains what we would need to figure it out.

 >So I went there, didn't see "the core" or "sperry".

Right. Its not there.
The suggestion that I should create a website for this
seemed to me to imply that I don't already have one.
So I demonstrated that I do.
Sorry I did not mention I did not put the board on there.
But as you can see there, I concentrate on restoration
process and projects, it would be out of place to
post the artifact and request info.
I get very little messages sent to me there though
the pages get a fair amount of looks from time to time.
So I would not expect to receive any info about this
board from that site so I was not inclined to just post
the board there with questions.
The board photos were put on a IMGUR site and a link
was provided in the conversation.
So how'd you like my site? Read my bio?
Here's a few more:

 >And as I said: someone may need one someday

It didn't occur to me that I should document this board
so that someone can find it if they need it.
That isn't something I've ever considered with my items
unless I'm selling them. I'll have to think about that.
I guess this mail system isn't indexed by the search engines
so these posts won't help. Maybe my memory artifact wall
will get detailed on my site.

I'm a bit out of practice due to the pandemic, if I did this all over
again I would have posted on the VCF website board.
I forgot that had been my usual place to pursue details about
systems.  Used to spend a lot of time there. But since
I haven't been restoring anything during my move I lost track.
But thanks to Duane and Gesswein everything
I needed to know was answered here.

That's a recap of the entire successful conversation.
Links to the board pics, and the UNIVAC manuals
and such are in the conversation.
Hence, "I'm good".


On 7/9/2021 3:59 PM, Herb Johnson via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> On 7/7/2021 12:58 PM, Herb Johnson wrote:
>> I suggest you photograph and describe whatever core thingy you have, 
>> as best you can; and either create a Web page about it ....
> Doug says:
> https://abitoutofplace.wordpress.com/
> So I went there, didn't see "the core" or "sperry". I did a Web search 
> like this:
> sperry site:abitoutofplace.wordpress.com
> and found one reference. No core. Doug says:
>> I'm good, Duane and David Gesswein got me what I needed to
>> know, thanks.
> Weeeelllll, you got my attention. Now I'm curious. So what is this thing 
> about? What's your plan? Or is it "now I know, now it goes on my shelf"? 
> (shrug) Core used to be a thing. And as I said: someone may need one 
> someday, let them know.
> Regards, Herb

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