[vcf-midatlantic] Sperry Univac Core - Which computer and Capacity?

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Mon Jul 12 16:22:19 UTC 2021

> Douglas Crawford 
> Sat Jul 10 02:49:34 UTC 2021 
> So, right. Here's the whole post mortem on this.

> That's a recap of the entire successful conversation.
> Links to the board pics, and the UNIVAC manuals
> and such are in the conversation.
> Hence, "I'm good".
> Thanks!

It seems polite to respond to your detailed response to my "where's the 
core" message.

Your responses were informative, thank you. As you responded, your Web 
pages on WordPress are for other purposes than for showing items for 
further discussion or to solicit inquiries. Your response explains 
itself and needs no elaborations on my part.

Otherwise: you posted in this list to get some info: you got some info 
and assistance: job done. But at some point you literally posted "Any 
recommendations on where else to look?" and that is what I responded to. 
If I posted after your request was satisfied, that was simply a 
circumstance. My post also explained itself and needs no elaboration.

You and I, simply put content on the Web in different ways for different 
purposes.  I'll be thoughtful about your use, you suggested you'll be 
thoughtful about my suggested use. Those are considerations outside the 
immediate topic which you have already concluded.

Doug, you asked me if I liked your site, if I would read a few of your 
pages on WordPress. Well, I did. They are good presentations about how 
you've designed various microprocessor-based projects, small and large. 
There's a general display of your vintage collection. These are all 
well-crafted pages with visual and textual content. WordPress sites have 
a commonality to them that makes them hard for me to compare to other 
Web sites.

The "adventures in ROV" page, is a pretty detailed presentation of the 
methodology of students and mentors to create a toy-class small ROV from 
Arduino technology and various toy-class parts. I only say "toy" because 
you've also done commercial class development work. As an engineer 
myself, I'm informed by your presentations of design process.

Doug, you are welcome to wander around my Web domain 
retrotechnology.com, for any information and considerations of use or 
result you can glean from them.

There's an open question from Doug, about whether Web search "finds" the 
discussions here in this email list. I don't know, I search a lot and 
don't recall "finds" from this list. But technical content in this 
somewhat-private email list is limited. So I speculate there aren't 
often enough keyboards to trigger a high-value "search hit". It's also 
possible, that the hosting site "tells" search engines not to search the 
email archives. Those are administrative matters I have no knowledge 
about. But as Doug suggests: the email list is for specific purposes, if 
it doesn't do other things there are other venues which do.

Thanks and regards,
Herb Johnson

Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey in the USA
http://www.retrotechnology.com OR .net
preserve, recover, restore 1970's computing
email: hjohnson AT retrotechnology DOT com
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