[vcf-midatlantic] Sussex ARC hamfest this Sunday, July 18th.

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Thu Jul 15 21:01:06 UTC 2021

> Hi Kelly so what is the weather supposed to be like for the day

Well, News12 New Jersey cable-channel weather says Saturday and Sunday 
are rainy days, with thunderstorms overnight Friday and Saturday. Check 
with any reliable weather service. But the atmosphere is full of heat 
and humidity - energy sources for rain, simple physics. The simple 
hamfest rule is: expect rain, lose half the dealers and half the crowd.

That, plus the heat-n-humidity and air-quality alerts and distance, 
decides for me I'm not going to Sussex NJ on Sunday, or Valley Forge PA 
on Saturday for their hamfest. Old-person considerations. For those who 
can deal with these issues, there will be some dealers there and there's 
some inside sales too. I look forward to the fall.

regards, Herb

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