[vcf-midatlantic] Books in Washington State free for cost of shipping

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Tue Jul 20 02:07:23 UTC 2021

VCF already has these books are are out of scope, but if someone has need
of any of these books, then I can put you in touch with the person who
wants to give them away for the cost of shipping:

Box 1

Writing Secure Code Michael Howard.

C Library Reference for Uix System V4

Software Configuration management Strategies and IBM Rational ClearCase
second edition 2005

UML Distilled Third Edition A Brief guide to the standard object modeling
language Martin Fowler 2004

J2EE the Big Picture Solveig Haugland Mark Cade Anthony Orapallo 2004

Software Factories Assembling Applications with Patterns Jack Greenfield
Keith Short 2004

Java EE and .net interoperability Marina Fisher Ray Lai Sonu Sharma
Laurence Moroney 2006

Internetworking with TCP/IP Principals, Protocols, and Achitecture Fifth
Edition Douglas Comer 2006

Windows Communications Foundation Hands on Craig McMurty Mark Mercuri Nigel
Watling 2006

MS Patterns and practices - Improving web application security Threats and
Countermeasures 2003

MS Patterns and practices – Improving .net application Perfomance and
Scalability 2004

MS Patterns and practices – Application Interoperability – 2003 – Some
water damage

MS Patterns and practices – Enterprise Solution patterns using MS .NET V2
2003 – some water damage

Microsoft .net and j2ee interoperability toolkit Simon Guest 2004

Box 2

Redhat Fedora 2 unleashed  Bill Ball Hoyt Duff 2005

Guide to Unix using Linux Jack Dent Tony Gaddig 2000

Eclipse Distilled David Carlson 2005

C# Essentials Ben Albahari Peter Dayton Brad Merill 2001

Unix in plain English third edition Kevin Reichard and Eric

Microsoft - Writing Secure Code Michael Howard David LeBlanc 2002

Instand UML – Usage for programmers Pierre-Alain Muller 2000

UML 2 for dummies Michael Chonoles James Schardt 2003

Design Patterns Explained Alan Shalloway James trott 2002

Programming Microsoft .net Jeff Prosise 2002

MSDN COM fundamentals David Iseminger 2000

Microsoft XML solutions Jake Sturm 2000

Box 3

Professional InterDev 6 programming Ian Blackburn 1999

Professional Visual Basic 6 MTS programming Matthew Bortniker 1999

MYS programming with Visual Basic Scott Hillier 1999

Unix unleashed third edition Robin Burk 1998

Applied Microsoft .net framework programming Jeffrey Richter 2002

Unix in a nutshell Quick Reference 3rd edition Arnold Robbins 1999

COM/DCOM unleashed Randy Abernathy 1999

Understanding and programming COM+ Robert Oberg 2000

.net security Jason Bock Pete Stromquist Tom Fischer Nathan Smith 2002

Professional Design Patterns in VB.net Tom Fischer John Slater Pete
Stromquist Chaur Wu 2002

.net framework Essentials Thuan Thai Hoang Lam 2001

COM+ programming with Visual Basic Scott Hillier 2000

Box 4

Professional asp.net web services Wrox multiple authors 2001

Guide to networking Essentials Second edition David Johnson 2001

Programming distributed applications with COM+ and VB6 second editionTed
Pattison 2000

Inside windows NT second edition David Solomon 1998

MCSD Microsoft .net solution architectures 2003 (2 copies)

Professional ADO.net programming Wrox multiple authors 2001

MCSD Developing windows based applications VB.net and c#.net 2003

Advanced .net remoting Ingo Rammer 2002

Programming distributed applications with COM and VB6 Ted Pattison 1998

C# programming with beta Wrox with multiple authors 2000

VB.net programming with beta Wrox with multiple authors 2001

Introducing .NET Wrox with multiple authors 2000

Box 5

.NET feamework security multiple authors 2002

Essential >NET volume 1CLR Don Box 2003

MSDN COM+ reference David Iseminger 2000

Professiona MTS and MSMQ with VB and ASP Wrox Alex Homer David Sussman1998

Beginning Web development with Visual Interdev 6 Andrew Mumford 1999

COM+ and the battle for the middle tier Roger Sessions 2000

Professiona Windows DNA Wrox multiple authors 2000

.NET and COM The complete interoperatbility guide Don Box 2002

Professional ASP techniques for web masters Alex Homer 1998

Preview of Active Server Pages Wrox multiple authors 2000

Transactional COM+ Tim Ewald 2001

Box 6

MCSD Developing XML web services server components VB.net and c#.net 2003

Windows server 2003 William Stanek 2003

COM+ programmers guide David Iseminger 2000

MS Windows Security Resource Kit Ben Smith Brian Komar 2003

Patterns and practices Application Architecture for .net  2002

Professional UML with visual studio.net for enterprise architects Wrox 2002

Guerilla .NET student manual 1 and 2 developmentor 2001

MCSD Developing web applictaions with vb.net and c#.net Jeff Webb  2003

XML IE5 programmers reference Alex Homer 1999

Box 7.

Beginning Visual C++ 6 Ivor Horton 1998

Introduction to Programming C++ Diane Zak 1998

DOS the complete reference Kris Kamsa 1993

Programming with Visual Basic 6 Michael Ekedahl 1999

Oracle 8i A beginners Guide Michael Abbey 1999

Unix in a nutshell quick reference Arnold Robbins 1999

Modern Systems Analysis and Design Jeffry Hoffer 1999

Box 8
Refactoring in C# and asp.net Daniel Arsenowksi 2009
Object Oriented Programming Using C++ Joyce Farrell 2001
Absoute Beginners guide to C Greg Perry 1994
Accelerated C++ Andrew Koenig 2000
Effective Java Joshua Bloch 2008
Programming Scala Dean Wanpler 2009
WCF programming Scott Klein 2007
Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture Martin Fowler 2003
T-SQL Paul Turley 2009
Head First Java Kathy Seirra 2005
Java Performance Scott Oaks 2014
Linux Essentials Roderick Smith 2012
Functional Programming in C# Oliver Sturm 2011
Networking for Dummies Doug Lowe 2007
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