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John Ruschmeyer jruschme at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 22:30:48 UTC 2021

List lurker here...

I learned COBOL as part of the CS curriculum at Monmouth College (now, 
University) back in the early '80s. It was one of several required 
language courses including FORTRAN (intro language at the time), COBOL, 
PL/I (PL/C, actually), and IBM 370 Assembler. At the time, we were 
still card-based, batch processed to a 370 at Rutgers via the NJ 
Educational Computer Network (ECN).


On Sun, Jul 25 2021 at 10:24:49 AM -0400, Adam Michlin via 
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> Hi Everyone,
> I'm doing some research on the history of COBOL education. I know we
> have some COBOL programmers on the list and probably have many people
> who have relatives that were (maybe even are still - HI NJ
> UNEMPLOYMENT... ahem) COBOL programmers.
> My question is how and why did you learn COBOL?
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> Thanks!
>        -Adam
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