[vcf-midatlantic] Old-school computing: when your lab PC is ancient

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Fri Jun 4 19:26:26 UTC 2021

On 6/3/21 11:36 PM, Neil Cherry wrote:
>>>> No offense intended, but I don't know how any intelligent person would
>>> <humor>
>>> Too late ... you owe me an apology (Cole Oyl - Popeye - 1980)
>>> </humor>
>>    Well...sorry.  But man, you had to know that was an awful idea.  Sure,
>> the whole world does it, but it's still an awful idea.
> Dave, my humor is lost on you (hmm, that might be true of most people ...
> but I enjoyed it). Yes, it's a bad idea but there are so many bad ideas
> to choose from.

  Ahh.  Sorry, I was quite humor-impaired yesterday.  Today not so much,
but still a bit!

> The SmartThings V2 Hub has served it's purpose. It worked for my learning
> period. I now have the ability to replace the hub with a Pi, ZigBee,
> Z-Wave,
> and Bluetooth dongles. I can replace the Groovy code with Javascript
> (Node-Red).
> And I can add a lot more than SmartThings. No cloud necessary and I can
> integrate
> ancient protocols like X10 in if I choose. I'm pretty sure that most of
> folks
> couldn't build this setup (there are a few here that can).

  Sounds reasonable to me.

>>> and Amazon's Sidewalk (hey we're going to share your network for our own
>>> needs)
>>    Yup.  Suits.  Don't let 'em into your house, man!
> They're already there but by next year SmartThings Suits won't be in my
> home any longer.

  Bravo.  Give those scumbags the BOOT!

> You do know that they'll be shutting down the 4G/5G network someday?

  Of course; that spectrum will need to be cleared for something else.
That is, if 5G ever goes anywhere!  After years and years of hype, it's
still the ISDN of the 21st century.  But yeah, several thousand potable
water monitoring and control systems of my design will drop dead in
December of this year, because they're on T-Mobile's 2G network.  I hope
that company has a migration plan in place.

> Still bought
> a cell phone? Yes it will be around a lot longer than Wink, Staples
> Connect or
> Quirky. But most folks don't know that. And there are enough 'experts' to
> confuse even the smartest of folks.

  Too true.  I guess I cling to the idealistic notion of people actually
LEARNING about a given technology before buying it and trying to use it.
 But that's just not the world we live in.

>>> On the commercial side Cisco did support a lot of legacy protocols (HP
>>> Printing,
>>> DECNet LAT/LAST, Bi-sync, etc.) until about mid aughts.
>>    Pretty sure they still support DECnet.
> I think you are correct, I thought we were past IOS and onto something
> else. I'm spending too much time in the SDN. At least they pay well.

  Excellent. :-)


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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